Experience the event extraordinaire
Hosting or organising events is an exciting and rewarding experience when attendance is high, participants are happy, and everything goes according to plan. Ticketplus is designed to help you achieve all this and much more.
Live event analysis
Our live event analysis solution, Eventplus helps in tracking visitor movement in real-time at the event venue, and the time they spend at each area in the venue. Exhibitors get quick access to detailed information about their visitors and can make the interactions more effective.
Customised public page for your event
Organisers can create a unique page for their event in Ticketplus. Create a public event page and we will do the rest for you.

What We Do

All you need for a successful event


Discover events round the globe tailored to your preferences

Create & Promote

Create a customised page for your event and promote it through multiple channels


Analyse visitor behavior and interests through location and movement tracking


Understand latest trends through intelligent analysis and plan future events accordingly

Brand Your Event

Create a unique customised page for your event. With a visitor database from all over the world, your event will never fail to reach the target audience.

Creating a dedicated custom page for your event makes it more recognisable. It helps to create customer loyalty and build connections. This will also help make the event last after it’s over.

  • Select templates of your choice
  • Create event registration forms that suit your needs
  • Custom mobile application for your visitors at each event
  • Pay for only the modules you need

Run social media campaigns

When it comes to the marketing channels that drive attendance, hype, and engagement, social media is right near the top. You can do it! One of the greatest feelings in the world is walking into one of your own events and seeing it jam-packed with people. Social media can help you get there.

With Ticketplus you can get help from digital marketing experts to promote your events through all possible channels. We follow a multi-channel promotion strategy with a careful mix of digital techniques.

Mobile applications for live event management

Mobile application for organisers

Ticketplus mobile application for organisers brings to your fingertips everything you need to manage your events smoothly – analysis, content management, ticket management and much more.

Mobile application for visitors

Get a fully customisable mobile application designed for your event. With even the design and content tailored to your needs, the app is just yours. The application offers a complete digital event guide for visitors, providing them every detail about the event they need to know.
  • Detailed event schedule
  • Details of speakers and programmes
  • Notifications on favourites


Ticketplus changes the way visitors experience events. Right from finding the events they love and booking tickets, to easy navigation at the event venue, the solution provides everything visitors need for a wholesome event experience.


Create Tickets

Simple and user friendly ticket creation console that lets you generate as many tickets as you need in just a few clicks using smartphone.

Sell Tickets

Selling tickets is easier than ever before. Just enter the details, set up ticketing slabs, and your tickets are live for sale.

Analyse ticket sales

Monitor and analyse ticket sales easily from your personalised dashboard. Ticketplus gives you detailed analysis data based on various filtering criteria.


Analyse visitor behavior and interests through ticket sales analysis and live visitor location & movement tracking.

Live event analysis

Our live event analysis solution, Eventplus provides beacon based live analysis that helps in tracking the visitor movement in real time at the event venue, and the time they spend in each area. This helps event organisers in understanding visitor behaviour and interests during the event and thus ensures a better event experience.

Post-event analysis

Ticketplus provides in-depth post-event analysis based on various criteria including the number of attendees filtered by age-group, gender, personal interests and much more. This enables organisers to understand ongoing trends better and plan future events accordingly, ensuring maximum visitor satisfaction.

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