Create a customised page for your event

Organisers can create a unique page for their events in Ticketplus. With a visitor database from all over the world, your event will never fail to reach target audience.

Select templates of your choice

Right from the look and feel to the functionalities, set it all up based on your preference

Design event registration forms that suit your needs

Personalisation at its best. Create forms according to the needs of your event

Custom mobile application for your visitors at each event

Get a custom mobile application designed just for your event. The application offers everything you need to make the event a smooth experience for your visitors.

Pay only for the modules you need

Get optimum value for every penny you spend. No extra costs involved. Pay for just what you need.

Sell Tickets

Ticketplus lets you sell tickets for your events in a jiffy. You can also monitor ticket sales real-time from your personal dashboard.

Simple and user friendly ticket creation console that lets you generate as many tickets as you need in just a few clicks

Selling tickets is easier than ever before. Just enter the details, set up ticketing slabs, and your tickets are live for sale

Monitor and analyse ticket sales easily from your personalised dashboard. Obtain detailed analysis based on various criteria

Promote events

Expand the reach of your events round the globe. Social media, local networks, mobile reach and much more. Ticketplus helps you promote your events through every possible channel.

Promotion via Facebook

Share your events on Facebook and reach out to millions of users worldwide. Just create an event page in Eventplus and watch your events soar.

E-mail campaign with Mailchimp

Initiate effective event promotion through scalable and personalised e-mail campaigns using Mailchimp. Channelise your promotions based on intelligent analysis.

Publish events in event exploration portal

Publish your events in event exploration portals with visitor database from all over the world. With such enormous database tour event will never miss to hit the target audience.


Hassle-free event registration

Eliminate all the complexities in event registration. With the mobile application for organisers, you can just scan the QR code on the tickets to record visitor check-in.

Feel the pulse of the visitors

Get accurate information on visitor interests, behaviour and demographics so that you can analyse current trends and plan events accordingly.

Obtain authoritative analytics

Receive analytics on the number of people attending the event at any point of time, the number of people at each booth, and the entry-exit statistics of visitors

Intuitive event planning

Analyse the latest trends and plan to get a definite idea on where to invest and how to channelise your marketing efforts while planning an event, so that you can ensure maximum visitor satisfaction in upcoming events.

Derive maximum benefits from each event

Obtain in-depth insights about multiple aspects of the event which helps you analyse where your efforts are paying off and where you need to invest your time and budget to ensure maximum benefits and ROI.

Track hot paths

Keep an intelligent eye on the movement paths of visitors inside the event premises. This in turn gives profound insights including demographics and visitor trends.