Discover events of your choice

The choice of events varies from person to person. One may love to attend a concert while the other may find interest in a circus show. Whatever your interest is, how do you know when and where your favourite event is happening? You are at the right place.

Multitude of events to choose from

With our intelligent tools that gather events tailored to your preferences, you can easily find the event you would love to attend.

Search in our event exploration portal

Eventsnavi, our event exploration portal brings you up to date list of all hot and happening events going on or lined up at any part of the world.

Buy tickets

Book tickets for your favourite events right away. Browse through events categorised by genres, find the event of your choice, and buy your tickets, all in a matter of seconds.

Simple payment gateway

With complete online onboarding, feature-filled checkout and best-in-class performance, the simple and easy-to-use payment gateway of Eventplus makes ticket purchase completely effortless.

Easy check-in

No more carrying paper tickets to the event venue. You can check-in to the event without a printed ticket.

Receive your tickets on your e-mail

Handle your tickets digitally. Ticketplus sends your tickets to your e-mail on purchase.

Scan QR code

The tickets received in your e-mail will have a unique QR code. Just scan the QR code on your ticket at the event venue to check-in to the event.


Navigate with ease

Navigation inside the event venue can be troublesome at times, especially when the venue is a large one. With our live location tracking solution Eventplus, you can easily view your location inside the venue as well as the location of any session or booth you want to find on your smartphone.

On demand pamphlet and business card delivery

Save visitors from the annoyance of struggling with a disorganised heap of pamphlets and business cards received from the event venue. The solution helps visitors to maintain an organised database of pamphlets from different events they attend. Visitors can login to their personalised dashboard from where they can download and access the pamphlets and business cards they need as and when required.

Visit booths conveniently

Keep track of the number of people in the vicinity of each booth or area in the event venue so that you can avoid crowded areas and make the most out of the time you spend at each booth.